A Reputation for Innovation


Innovation is an intriguing phenomenon.  If often requires dedicated R&D, and exploration of endless possibilities, to discover that one great idea.  Other times, you simply have to be prepared to recognize it, when it’s staring you in the face.  Over its 70 year history, the executive search industry has not been well known for innovation.  Firms “going public” and acquiring others has just about been the extent of it. 

Innovation at JamesDruryPartners has taken us in a new and different direction.  We founded our firm with the open-minded view that our world had no boundaries, no restrictions, and no precedents that had to be adhered to.  By simply listening to and observing our clients, we discovered opportunities for bold new services within our very industry.  We focus on the innovation of specialized advisory services that improve the board governance process:  board selection for top executives, board director assessment systems, and governance capacity benchmarking, as examples. 

Traveling a path of innovation and discovery can be a wonderful journey.


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