Insight & Leadership

"I was a Board Director for another well-known company during a very sensitive assignment.  The team had a keen sense of our precise needs, and their recommendations proved very successful.   The people at JamesDruryPartners have a special talent for building relationships, which gives them huge credibility."

- Chairman/CEO of a $10 billion global pharmaceutical corporation

Uncommon Knowledge

"JamesDruryPartners has an uncommon level of knowledge about the universe of available boardroom talent. They intuitively understood what we were looking for and introduced us to a number of director candidates who greatly enhanced the quality of our board.   Their reputation and unparalleled board-level relationships open doors that others find closed."

- Chairman/CEO of a well-known branded food and beverage products company

Access & Credibility

"It's all about access. For board director succession assignments, we find that JamesDruryPartners enjoys ease of access to the very best director talent in the country.  When our board was under great time pressure to identify a couple of new directors for our proxy, we needed 24/7 availability of Jim’s team, and knew that the reputation and character of the firm would earn the respect of anyone they called."

- Chairman of a $5 billion distribution logistics company

Valued Advisors

"As a valued advisor to numerous boards, JamesDruryPartners provides insightful views on a director’s role and responsibilities. The firm is also a great resource for the independent assessment of new directors we may be considering, particularly in terms of likely culture fit, as well as periodic evaluation of our board’s performance."

- Chairman/CEO of a $2 billion privately-held packaging company

Collaborative Partners

"Jim Drury and his colleagues are true collaborative partners - upfront, direct and honest. I trust them to give me objective analysis. When we’re doing a search for a board director, I know I'm getting their full attention.  Since the partners make the calls themselves, I can be sure the candidates we see have their personal stamp of approval."

- Chairman/CEO of a $10 billion food consumer products company

CEO Mindset

"JamesDruryPartners is a very special board advisory services firm. I consider Jim a peer who has the personal qualities and mindset of a CEO. He and his colleagues are truly unique in the board arena, bringing to the table a high caliber of sophistication in communications skills, intelligence, business savvy and understanding of the boardroom world."

- Chairman/CEO of a leading technology corporation

Envision True Potential

"JamesDruryPartners has wide access to extremely high-quality director talent with proven capability and broad perspective.  They helped us think beyond our specifications with the unique ability to anticipate how potential new directors would fit our boardroom culture.   The firm innately understands which candidates have the essential qualities to be truly effective directors."

- Chairman/CEO of a large mass-merchandising retail company

Global Reach

"We were looking for a very unusual board director profile - an executive who lived in China and ran a successful business there. To our delight, JamesDruryPartners presented us with such an impressive slate of candidates, we chose two."

- Chairman/CEO of a $10 billion global transportation company


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